Plant microRNAs: a revolutionary

approach to protect people’s health

Mirnagreen has unraveled one of nature’s best kept secrets: how plants protect us from disease. Using science-based approaches we have discovered the surprisingly effective bioactive capacity of plant microRNAs on our immune system.

Preventing chronic inflammation.

the biggest global health problem.


The dysregulation of our immune system leads to chronic inflammation, the root cause of all Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). NCDs represent the principal cause of death worldwide.


Fruit and vegetables

can reduce the risk of death from NCDs


The onset of chronic inflammation is strongly related to modifiable risk factors. One of the most effective factors in preventing NCDs is the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The World Health Organization recommends a daily consumption of at least 400g (5 portions) of fruit and vegetables.

Readapted from: Oyebode O, et al. J Epidemiol Community Health 2014; 69:856-862

The Mirnagreen technology revolution

release the health power of plants


We have discovered that anti-inflammatory capacity of fruits and vegetables is attributable to their microRNAs. However, these are poorly assimilated via the diet.

Mirnagreen has developed technologies that increase x 25 fold the bioavailability of dietary microRNAs. The microRNA content of just one portion of fruit or vegetable can be used to provide full protection against inflammatory challenges

A daily dose of Mirnagreen is equivalent to the protective microRNA power of 2Kg of fruits and vegetables.

A better health for everyone

3.9 billion tons of fruit and vegetables would be required to provide sufficient plant microRNAs to all human beings on the planet, more than double the current global production. Mirnagreen technologies can provide sufficient microRNAs to everyone on the planet with less than 1/10 of today’s world production.

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