Pioneering plant miRNA
applications for
[human plant animal] health

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The genomic revolution at the beginning of the new millennium has led to the discovery of miRNA, a whole new class of highly bioactive molecules. MIRNAGREEN’s game-changing technology enables the development of plant miRNA-based applications in the fields of human and animal healthcare, nutrition, therapeutics and sustainable food production.

A first-in-class
technology platform for delivering the health benefits of plant miRNA

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The diversity of miRNA produced by different plant species represent a vast source of bioactive compounds which has remained untapped until now. Our integrated platform uncovers novel natural bioactive solutions based on plant miRNomes and enables the development of a new generation of miRNA-based products with a real impact on human, animal and plant health.

Our platform:
Harnessing the
unexplored health
potential of plants

health applications

  • Food&

  • Specialized

  • Personal

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Agriculture

  • Animal

  • Dietary

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Join our journey

  • Learn how plant miRNA can enhance your portfolio and innovation pipeline.

  • We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, technologists and business leaders.

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