The Mirnagreen

Harnessing the
unexplored health
potential of plants

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Mirnagreen is a science-based company founded by the scientists who discovered the benefits of plant miRNA on immune health. Its mission is to harness the amazing bioactive properties of these molecules.
The development of real-world solutions based on plant miRNA bioactivity has been hampered by the existing extraction technologies, which require complex procedures and have very low yields. Mirnagreen’s revolutionary technology enables the direct extraction of natural miRNomes from plants which are released in their native and structurally stable form to be further formulated and validated for their efficacy. Our integrated platform uncovers novel natural bioactive solutions based on plant miRNomes and, for the first time, enables the development of a new generation of miRNA-based products with a real impact on human, animal and plant health. Leveraging our unique areas of expertise, our platform enables innovative research to be quickly and efficiently translated into first-in-class products made available for consumers and commercial partners worldwide.

We are the first bioscience technology platform focused on plant miRNA

Our Areas

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  • miRNomes commonly represent the global set of miRNAs of a given sample that can be isolated and analyzed in laboratory settings and have a very limited value for the development of real applications. Mirnagreen plant extracts, obtained with an industrial-scale proprietary technology, only contain naturally stable Actionable Mirnomes with their full bioactive potential that can be harnessed for developing innovative products with proven efficacy.

    Mirnomes for
    Real-world applications

    We have developed the first platform for the mining and characterisation of plant miRNomes and their large scale extraction from plant material, including agriculture by-products and food transformation residues. Each miRNome possess a unique pool of microRNA with different functions, limitlessly expanding the range of possible, data-driven applications.


    Our ongoing screening programme based on structural characterisation, RNA sequencing and in silico systems biology approach generates an expanding catalogue of bioactive miRNomes with specific health benefits. These are further formulated and tested to validate their efficacy on human, animal or plant health.


    • Knowledge
  • Patented technology

  • MIRNAGREEN owns the first global patent family for large scale extraction and purification of miRNA from plants and fungi. Through a ground-breaking stabilizing technology, we have developed an unprecedented, fully scalable and food grade extraction process which does not require the use of chemicals or specialized equipment. The process is designed to sustainably source miRNA: the system can make use of food byproducts as a starting material and can be integrated within pipelines exploiting circular use of the starting material.

    The first technology
    for large scale
    extraction of
    miRNA from plants

    Extraction conditions for the validated plant material are first optimized in our laboratories and pilot plant to assess any elements which impact overall yield and miRNA stability. With embedded R&D and verticalized machinery, we then scale up from 50L to 2,000L tanks to ensure miRNA extracts consistency and stability in industrial conditions for commercial production.

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  • Extracts

  • Our products are 100% plant-based extracts with extensive safety and efficacy data. MIRNAGREEN technology has been optimized to generate ingredients with different degrees of purification to meet diverse technological and formulative needs.

    Plant miRNA are a nutritional component of fresh fruit and vegetables which are rapidly lost during most food transformation processes, along with other nutritional elements. Our innovative extraction technologies preserve the natural miRNA content during the processing of plant material and enable the development of more nutritious and healthier food and beverages products.

    Ground-breaking natural compounds ready to shape a new generation of innovative products and solutions for health & wellbeing

    Our process can generate plant extracts at different levels of purifications suitable for a diverse range of formulations and applications. MIRNAGREEN extracts can be integrated into a wide range of nutraceuticals, healthcare, personal care and wellness products and also into animal feed and healthcare solutions.

    Health applications

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Partnership opportunities in both R&D and late-stage development

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  • Personal

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Agriculture

  • Animal

  • Dietary


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